Hemlock started for photographers –


And it’s super important to us that as we continue evolving, we don’t forget our roots. We’ve taken time and specific care to make sure that as we’ve expanded our product suite to include consumer-targeted items, we’ve kept all of you in mind in the process!

That’s why our new suite of Canvas Print Blocks are *completely different* from our Photo Blocks. If you go ahead and log into your account, you’ll find a notice on your account page that explains the changes and the new product suite, in case you were wondering what makes them so different. And to top things off, there are brand new perks to having a Photographer account with Hemlock, to coincide with these changes (you’ll find them when you log in too)!

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Register as a photographer


Registering as a Photographer with Hemlock Heritage, gives you the ability to order photographer-only photo blocks directly from our online store! These are an exclusive tier of product, only available to our photographer vendors. It also opens up the capability to drop ship our products directly to your clients, with custom branded packaging, as well as engraving your own logo on the back of the blocks. 

To verify that you are indeed a professional Photographer, please share with us your web URL, and/or your professional facebook page (please include the http or https in the domain you enter – as in “https://www.yourdomainorfacebook.com” NOT “www.yourdomainorfacebook.com”). We will review these to ensure that your application is legitimate, and approve your registration as soon as possible!

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Not a Photographer?


You will still be able to purchase certain items from us here at Hemlock, such as blocks with your children’s art, or reproductions of family heirloom images (not captured by a modern photographer). 

If you have questions about the account restrictions, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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