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Photoshop CC Action Set

My elixir actions are best used in button mode. This reduces the amount of clicks you have to do in order to run any action.

Let me explain each set of actions quickly and simply (except PANDA, that one gets a story)

Basics Set:

I am a one click and done person.

I’ve created these two basic actions to reduce the amount of clicking and time spent. I know it may not seem like much but each click we make while editing takes at least second if not more. How many clicks do you think it takes to edit a session?

Filly- A one click for content aware. Fill in your backdrops!

Pancake – aka FLATTEN. I pancake often throughout my entire editing process. I am not a fan of multiple layers going on it one time. It gets confusing add it puts doubt in my mind to where I constantly change my workflow. Pancake it. Move on…


Healers Set:

Most all action sets include some skin tone white balance and color healing tools. I struggled having consistency throughout my experimental years of “trial and error action sets.” Mine are phenomenal. They are ones I can standby.

Claire – she is our blue aura healer

Marigold – she is our yellow aura healer

Serene – you guessed it, she is our aura red healer

Starbrite, Constellation, Nova, and Crystal – these are my color pops! Play with one. See which one orbits your aura!



These actions are the stars of my show! They are the milk to the Milky Way and the glow of my aura! Seafoam will never fail you.

Charm- The section is a truly lucky charm. It will select your subject separating it from the backdrop by giving you a dreamy creamy backdrop and bright beautiful subject.

Velvet- velvet black and white

Panda- Do you know how Panda’s got their black marks? Well, thousands of years ago, Panda’s used to be all white. They were very friendly and quiet. Shepherd to use to see them roam within their flock of sheep and often mistake them as their own sheet. One day there was a shepherd little girl up on the mountain hurting her she. A panda cub joined in her flock one day. He wanted a family. The little girl pretended not to see him only to give him the joy and pleasure of having his own family. Over the next few weeks, the little girl grew fond of the panda cub. One stormy and windy evening, there was a chill in the air and a leopard Hidden in the lush green forest of the mountain. The little girl spotted the leopard creeping toward the panda. She chased after it in desperation to save the flock. The flock was saved and reached safe Haven, but a little girl was not found. The little girl had saved the flock by sacrificing herself. When the panda bear realized what had happened he ran home and told all of his other panda bear friends. They all cried and mourn and cried. They rubbed their eyes to wipe away their tears and held their ears so not to hear the wailing cry of all panda bears. They rubbed dirt and ashes on their eyes and on their ears. Sacrifice and love gave birth to the panda bear markings. My sacrifice and love is giving you this action.


Polishing potions:

I hold these dear to my heart because they are truly magnificent and magical actions when it comes to polishing skin smoothing your backdrops and removing blemishes, scratches, acne, and whatever else.

Blink: Eye sharpen and brighten . It also darkens the lash line and lashes

Blur: reduce blotchy skin by evening the skin tone.

Poof: remove unwanted flakes and hairs!

Smoothie: A two layer action. The first green smoothie which is your one click back drop FIX. Easily remove wrinkles, fabric lint, you name it. The second layer is your texture remover. This will remove additional texture where necessary.

Smoothie+: EXTRA smoothie!

I hope my studio elixir set will manifest a magical interpretation of the artwork you create! I cannot wait to see your results and hear your review!




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