Hemlock Heritage

Hemlock Heritage is just that. It is part of my heritage. Fine art portraits and heirloom pieces of wall art are an important part of our family’s home.

Structuring your home and your client’s home with quality pieces of your art has an impact no other piece of artwork can – because it’s yours. Photoblocks are a modern twist of the traditional frame and print art we usually display in our homes.

As a photographer myself, I wanted to provide my clients with a unique product which was not widely available, yet still readily available to me here is the USA. It’s a simple thing to ask for, or so it would seem. In the end, I had to spent hours of testing and creating these hand crafted works of art with my own hands for my clients. I fell in love with the professional product I literally procured all by myself with my children playing with the little stacking blocks I made them in my wood shop. My photoblocks are figurative webs of connected hearts; pieces of my family, connected to your art, connected to your clients. They have clean auras fit for a home built on memories.

Don’t laugh, but… I like to call them memory portals. It might seem bizarre, but I can sit down on the couch with a cup of caramel coffee and be taken through the portal of time with all the memories & emotions rushed back to you. This is what photoblocks does for me, and now I can share that experience with you, and your clients.

Want to Distribute Photo Blocks?

It's important to us that our blocks are distributed by professional photographers, directly to their clients. 

That's why we have an application process before you order - it keeps our blocks exclusive, and ensures they're adding that special something your clients just... can't get on their own.